Alain Frie, CEO of NeXtime introducing Collection 2022

Take a closer look with Alain at the new clocks of our Collection 2022 and hear Alain explain what makes these clocks special and unique.

NeXtime has a broad collection of design styles, material options and price points. Each category represents a unique design direction! 

NeXtime Essentials

Clocks in the Essentials category feature our collaboration with designers and stand for creativity, surprising combinations, originality and quality

NeXtime Station
NeXtime Station clocks are not just “office” clock but functional clocks with style! NeXtime Special Projects
NeXtime is a progressive and innovative company. Our special design projects take creativity to new heights that wow our customers.   NeXtime Alarm & Digital
The Alarm & Digital collection represents clear signal functions, offering different styles and features. We love alarm clocks that wake you up, not keep you up!

nXt collection
The nXt collection is part of NeXtime’s brand portfolio. It offers reliable quality in different basic & fun styles and at affordable prices


2022 Catalogue

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