"We believe that clocks are more than just a time keeping device if it’s made with the right combination of style, quality and value. We design, create and sell clocks with a great passion. We want our clocks to be a little piece of art on your wall and add value to every interior!”

About NeXtime

NeXtime is a Dutch brand specialising in clocks. We are a family-owned company with 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing clocks. 

We produce more than 500.000 clocks every year that we sell, together with our Hong Kong office and partners, in many countries around the world. We have a broad collection with nXt (affordable basic) clocks and NeXtime (original Design) clocks which each serve a different part of the market. We introduce around 40 new models every year. 

We dare to be different with our unique designs and the use of surprising material combinations. We offer a broad versatile collection with a high quality standard and affordable prices that caters to a wide array of taste and interiors. NeXtime, clocks for every interior!


NeXtime History

How it started..

In 1970, Hans and Hannie Frie (yes, the parents of our current CEO, Alain) established the company, Alma, in which during that time the clock industry was highlighted by beautiful hand-made mechanical clocks.

Alma was acknowledged to be among the best in the world with their collection of typically Dutch mechanical clocks like “ Zaanse”, English table clocks as well as with French style “comtoises” and planetarium clocks, examples of fine craftsmanship..

Hans and Hannie in the showroom located in the office in Haarlem, The Netherlands (left). Hans and Hannie showing the "planetarium" clock (right).

Construction of the building in 1970

Clocks around the world.   

The outstanding craftsmanship and strong designs of Alma’s mechanical clocks and of its exclusive brand “Christiaan Huygens” soon received international recognition. This small, family-owned Dutch company was soon selling clocks around the globe, including Japan and U.S.A

A true Family company

When Alain joined the family business he started at the bottom, literally speaking. He worked on the production floor, which was located downstairs from the main office. He learned every aspect of making a clock. As he was going through all the aspects of his parent’s clock making business he realized that the clocks industry was rapidly developing and shifting focus from the traditional mechanical clocks to strong contemporary clock designs. It was the beginning of the transformation from Alma into the company, as we know it today, NeXtime.

Alain Frie was in the company as a little boy (left) and he already joined his parents on a several trips to Germany where they bought several parts at the time (right).

Transition within NeXtime.

From the start of NeXtime we worked with designers who brought creativity to the collection of clocks that have made a signature mark on the company it has evolved into today: glass clocks like “Spinning Time” and “Test Page” and everlasting designs like, “Plug Inn”. One of our trademark clocks, “Beauty”, beautifully encompasses our 40 year anniversary with it’s mechanical movement in a contemporary design, designed by our founding father: Hans Frie. In 2019 we have introduced rechargeable USB Batteries as a sustainable alternative to reduce the waste of single use batteries. 

Some of NeXtime signature products

Now with our base still in The Netherlands in Haarlem, our office in Hong Kong and many distributors and resellers we are trading in many countries worldwide. With 50 years manufacturing experience we will continue to significantly contribute to the clock industry. 

NeXtime fully embraces the the passion for designing manufacturing and selling clocks that will add value to every interior!