NeXtime is about Dutch designs with an international touch that are renowned worldwide thanks to its originality, quality and creativity. We work closely to our in-house designers and designers from all over the world. 

Get to know a bit more about some of our designers;

Alain Frie (NL)
Alain Frie, yes the owner of NeXtime, but he is way more than that. He is also the creative director, always looking for new inspiration for clock designs. He gets his inspiration during visits to the factories and his permanent hunt for new materials, shapes and artwork. His designs are known to be innovative, creative, clean and fun.

Jette Scheib
Jette Scheib studied industrial design at the University of the Arts (UdK), Berlin, and has worked since 2005 as an independent product designer specialising in home accessories. Her work can be plain and pure or narrative and playful, but often with a little twist that adds a new context or dimension to a functional object. Inspiration is everywhere: whether it is art, music, people and their stories, habits, clichés or simply life itself that feeds her creativity. She lives and works in Berlin.

Zoltan B. Kecskeméti  (HU)
Zoltan B. Kecskeméti was born in Hungary, and has been working as a 3D artist on video games and animated movies since 2000.He uses his spare time to realize his own ideas and to visualize his plans, like the Motion Clock.It started with an idea, then he created a prototype and uploaded a video to Youtube. NeXtime saw the video and they have been working together ever since. 

Frits Vink 
Frits Vink is graduated in Industrial design at the university in The Hague and graduated in Design at the art academy in Arnhem . After this, he worked for the NASA to develop and design new products for the space industry. Frits Vink soon started his own design office to design products for the consumer market. His innovative designs were successfully presented at international design fairs and exhibited in museum of art. Frits Vink is famous for his all time bestseller-- our Plug-inn clock. A success story! Now Frits Vink lives in a beautiful country Brazil, where he is designing new products. With his new designs, he is affected to bring beauty, quality and happiness into your life. Never have Time? Make Time!

studioPANG (IT)
Fabio Damiani and Marco Quistini created studioPANG in October 2012, with the common idea that by combining different skills and passions, the project approach is enriched with new issues and perspectives. Design, architecture and communication are places of comparison before becoming a projectual theme. After few months, they got awarded at various competitions of design, architecture and graphic. StudioPANG is an open laboratory of constant research and development of ideas and projects: an open and dynamic environment that involves different experiences to create a professional multi-faceted reality.

Ewald Winkelbauer
"Comprehend with all senses" is the philosophy of the German designer Ewald Winkelbauer's work. This shows amongst others in pens, household aids, lamps and urban furniture for renowned companies. He won plenty of national and international design awards and is shown in the MIK museum in Ludwigsburg. Probably not a hand which hasn't held his redesign of the Stabilo Boss Textmarker. His passion for designing clocks began when he was still a student. Not to capture time with numbers is his ambition, rather providing space for time.

Chantal Drenthe
London based Dutch designer Chantal Drenthe gets her inspiration from daily routine. Combined with her background in industrial design, she enjoys the creation of functional and aesthetic everyday products. Objects from her hand can be recognised by the play on form, words or life. It is the kind of items that make you question the normal and put a smile on your face.

Walter Jonker
Walter Jonker is a Dutch designer who graduated from the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam in 1994. He worked with Aldo Rossi in Milan. Since then he has created a wide range of interior product designs specialising in clocks and lamps; original and practical objects with an unexpected twist.

Jan de Bouvrie (NL)
Jan des Bouvrie is a Dutch interior architect and product designer. He tapped out an unmistakable path to modern living, both in The Netherlands and abroad. The heart of all his work is based on symmetry, clear clean design and his wish to reduce things to the simplest form; “Never forget the essential”.

Deal Design 
Original Dutch design with an international touch. That is the best way to describe the designs of Deal Design. They are based in the Netherlands and try to make items that people will instantly notice. Their goal is to always add something innovative or fun in their designs. Working with NeXtime is something they have always looked forward to. Time is an important aspect of everyday life. Being able to design time-related items that people use daily and that they will enjoy looking at them, has therefore, a very special place in Deal Design's heart. 

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